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Frequently Asked Question’s

We’ve detailed some of our most frequently asked questions below, along with their answers so you can see the unique way we work for our clients. If you have a specific question which we haven’t already answered please contact us:

  • What is Telemarketing?

    Telemarketing (sometimes known as inside sales or telesales) is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or web conferencing appointment, scheduled during the call.

  • What are the advantages of using a Telemarketing Agency, rather than our own team or additional recruitment?

    Outsource Telemarketing Campaigns can be switched on and off, to suit your needs. All of our staff are fully trained and receive ongoing coaching and support. You do not pay for staff holidays or absence and you pay only for delivery of services agreed. Many of the hardiest of sales people find it difficult to work 7 hours prospecting, cleansing or researching. Improve your team morale by freeing your team to sell more.

  • How does DSC ensure my products and services are explained properly?

    We work alongside the experts…you. Each campaign we undertake involves research of your company, services and products and your target market/clients. We encourage a representative of your team to engage with us in a 30 min Question & Answers session. Although held in informal setting, the team gain a great understanding of what is needed to represent you, in the way you desire.

  • We spend a lot of money on marketing but lose customers as fast as we can gain them. Can you stop this?

    Yes. Retaining customers is more productive and cost effective than constantly chasing new business. Too often, marketing strategies focus solely on attracting new business, leaving existing customers to fend for themselves or take their business elsewhere. DSC Telemarketing can manage the process of keeping contact with existing customers, identifying and addressing their changing needs and concerns and keeping opportunities alive for you to present new products to customers who already do business with you. Regular contact enables us to understand your clients’ needs and the cycles of their business.

  • At the expiry of a campaign, how can we ensure we avoid being back at square one in respect call activity from our database?

    During the campaign, our team record details of the level of interest, the key decision makers and when the prospect wishes to be contacted again. All this information is collated and graded to provide a clear picture, enabling easy identification of future sales opportunities, even if your campaign with DSC has ended. The database remains your property and is returned to you, at any time during or after your campaign.

  • We ran a seminar, thinking we can present our products to a group of people at one time. It was only half full and no one came back to us afterwards to purchase.

    Seminars are a great way to present your products and services to a number of interested people at one time. To get the best return on investment, DSC will contact prospects on your behalf. We follow up all bookings with an email (sent under your domain) giving directs and an overview of the features & benefits of your product/services. We even make a call the day before the presentation to maximise attendance. We will advise you of the best time and day to hold the presentation. By contacting a list of potential clients, we can identify and secure bookings from interested people and ensure your seminar is well attended. DSC will also follow up attendees after the event, to close sales or secure an individual sales appointment on your behalf.

  • We have a list of companies we want to contact but it's getting old. We keep sending information to the wrong people or to companies that are no longer trading.

    Companies change location, staff come and go and businesses change hands. Having accurate, clean data ensures that your marketing campaigns are appropriately targeted and guarantee to return the best possible results. Our database cleansing services provide you with accurate name, address, email address and telephone number to improve the return on investment, from your marketing campaigns. We ensure the campaign is managed to the highest possible standard and keep regular contact with you. We also offer a range of payment options.

  • We think our product is selling well, but have no real idea of what the market is like, or who the competition is.

    DSC can conduct the market research you need, either to identify new markets or to consolidate your position in existing markets. Services include:

    • Market Share Analysis – We quantify your company’s share of the total market to identify your areas of success and development areas to assist you with future marketing campaigns, increased return on investment and increase market share.
    • Competitor Analysis – We determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in your industry by conducting initial research to identify who your competitors are, what Unique Selling Points they have, their marketing strategies and even the quality of their sales pitch
    • Trend Analysis – researching the changing buying patterns of your customers and prospective customers. Understanding the current needs of your market enables your products to be positioned appropriately in order to fulfill those needs. This leads to more targeted and more effective sales
    • SWOT Analysis – We will define the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your product/service and/or campaign(s). SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Conducting a SWOT analysis is an important exercise to enable you to see where your business is in the marketplace and what strategies you can develop to increase your market share.

    There are two main processes to developing your SWOT analysis. Firstly we will examine the external factors that influence and impact on your business. You can then explore how these factors relate to your business to determine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  • We miss out on sales opportunities because we get calls while we're in meetings, on the road or not at work. If we take all the calls we have no time left for doing business.

    By outsourcing your inbound customer services and sales enquiry calls to DSC, either in their entirety or as an overflow facility, your customers’ calls are all dealt with and in a polite and professional manner, leaving you with quality sales leads, satisfied customers and a time saving to devote extra time to closing sales.

    We answer calls in your company name and provide customers with the same knowledgeable level of support you currently have in place. By outsourcing your inbound calls a larger volume of calls can be handled and more opportunities can be identified. You are freed up to follow the quality sales leads; assured that time away from the phone is not costing you any potential business.

  • We have called hundreds of companies about our product/services and got very few appointments. It proved to be very time consuming and didn't produce the results we expected. Why should we use DSC?

    After gaining an understanding of your product, you’re key markets and your competitors, we source targeted, accurate lists of data to call from. Targeted prospect lists are the first step in a successful campaign. We call every company on the list, identify key decision makers and business needs and provide your sales team with appointments, all fitting to a pre agreed criteria and with the relevant decision maker. With your sales team now free to do what they like best, SELL. You can improve sales numbers and sales conversions. By paying only for the qualified leads generated, you are assured of the best value for money and a fantastic Return on Investment.

  • We hired a telemarketing company to run our campaign and they sold the same leads to our competitors, reducing the value of the appointments we get. Would DSC do the same?

    Never. The key to a successful campaign is accurate, targeted data. This data is sourced after consultation with you, specifically for your needs and therefore belongs to you. The success of DSC is based on honesty and integrity and our desire to build long lasting relationships with our clients. To avoid any conflict of interest, your data is only used to generate leads and appointments for your company.

  • At the expiry of a campaign, how can we ensure we avoid being back at square one with the call activity from our database?

    During the campaign, our team record details of the level of interest, the key decision makers and other relevant information pre agreed, to make your campaign a success. We keep track of interested contacts and make the follow up calls necessary to secure appointments. All this information is collated and graded to provide a clear picture enabling easy identification of future sales opportunities, even if your campaign with DSC has ended. The data is provided to you, on request, at any time during or after your campaign. As we operate as part of your company, calling in your name and sending emails from your domain we are spreading increasing your company’s name awareness and providing an overview of your products and/or services, which can generate business further down the line.