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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A Customer Satisfaction Survey gives you an honest, impartial insight into your customers’ needs, concerns and experiences, providing the basis for a strategy of outstanding customer service delivery and increased success.

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Importance of Customer Satisfaction

We all know customer satisfaction is essential to the survival and growth of every business. It is therefore bizarre that many businesses spend more time and money attracting new customers than they do in keeping their existing ones. In an increasingly competitive world, very few businesses see and hear every employee/client interaction and no business can read the minds of their clients.

Don’t wait until customer retention and new business conversion sink any lower, be pro active now and discover exactly what your customer experience is really like, the bad, the bad and if applicable, the ugly.  Ignorance is never bliss, it’s misguided complacency at best and fool hardy in it’s rawest form.

How we increase customer satisfaction for your business

We introduce your customers to why you are completing a survey; to make sure you are maintaining standards, looking for ways to improve your offering and giving a platform to the people that matter most in your organisation, your customers.

We offer and demonstrate complete anonymity so your clients will never feel compromised.

We help you to build specific questions to satisfy the business needs of your organisation and your clients.

We build multi channel platforms so they respond to the survey by phone or digitally.

We collate the information and produce reports for you to digest and implement the changes you see necessary.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

The information gathered remains available only to the people within your team that you choose.

There is no conflict of interest in the information gathered.

No requirement for you to expand personnel and administrative resources.

How can customer satisfaction surveys save me money?

Information is king.  If it’s happening or not happening in your business, you can put changes in place to rectify anything that impacts your bottom line.