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Driving Growth & Innovation

Welcome to DSC. We are an innovative outsource B2B Telemarketing agency catering for SME’s in the Stockport, Manchester and the surrounding area of the North West of England. Our ‘specialties’ include Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, Direct Response Advertising, Telesales, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, and Market Research. If it can be done on the phone, we can do it!

At DSC Telemarketing Manchester we understand that each client is unique and has different business objective. We build a bespoke marketing plan for you based on your specific requirement, with the highest possible return on investment for you at the forefront. If you have a specific question and would like to chat further, get in touch

Data Is King

Our industry knowledge and contacts also ensures fantastic Data Supply, Data Cleanse and Database Build and we cater for blended marketing solutions, including Google Ad Words, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing and Social Media. We were incorporated in 2009 to help companies increase their revenue and their profits, from new and existing customers.

Our Team Is Your Team

We are based in Houldsworth Mill, Reddish, situated in between Manchester and Stockport. We are passionate about what we do and position ourselves as part of your own team, providing a high-quality B2B telemarketing services with a guaranteed Return On Investment from a shared risk/reward approach. Our use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ensures we will represent your company in an upbeat, positive and professional way.

Our mission

Its Simple!

Drive the growth of our clients businesses using innovative sales and marketing techniques and the latest industry technology. Maximise our clients’ Return On Investment from stand alone telemarketing or integrated marketing solutions, within an objective and transparent environment.

Open, Honest & Transparent

How We Operate

Since our incorporation in 2007, DSC has committed ourselves to excellence in the B2B (business-to-business) telemarketing market. Through our commitment to customer focused communication and 100% transparency, we have built our company into a trusted partner for clients from many industries.

Our shared risk/success approach ensures you will pay a modest day rate that only reaches industry averages when success is delivered.

We consistently deliver high calibre Sales Appointments using a powerful combination of bespoke prospect approach to our client’s customers and prospects, market and product/service research and leading-edge technology. We are committed to ongoing measurement and refinement of the whole sales approach and process striving for an ever improving ROI.

A diligently styled infrastructure and motivational environment has attracted some incredible people to the DSC team and has helped us to build strong partnerships with our clients.

Our approach powers the success of our clients’ organisation and is driven by a shared approach. We strive to become an extension of our clients own team following their company approach and mission statement.
Complete campaign transparency means you will receive:

  • Call recordings of every call
  • A dedicated Account Manager, totally aligned with your day to day goals
  • Fully tailored reporting so you know how every minute and every penny is utilised
  • Comprehensive call statistics and call outcomes to show you what is and isn’t working. Filtered to define your ideal prospect by:
  • Industry Sector
  • Company Size
  • Geographic location
  • Detailed activity summary reports
  • Proactive and responsive communication, at least weekly, to ensure you’re always up to date

We appreciate that you need to trust the telemarketing company you partner with completely and that is why we customise our services to support your needs. We go above and beyond the call of duty to exceed your expectations, every step of the way.

We have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure offering call recordings for every call made on your behalf, to aid training and quality.
Our dialler and CRM systems offer an array of comprehensive and purposeful reports at the touch of a button, to provide our clients with an incredibly detailed level of information in an easily accessible format. The investment in to the latest technology exists to support your every need and offer total transparency right down to the last minute of your campaign.
Security and data protection are imperative at DSC so we ensure all of your information is backed up and password protected, ensuring maximum continuity and confidence.

We’re proud that our specialist B2B telemarketing executives are highly skilled communicators consistently generating high level B2B telemarketing returns for our clients and that’s not just down to luck:

  • All Scripts, Features & Benefits docs, Overcoming Objection documents, Information and Confirmation emails are signed off by our clients, in advance of their campaign commencement.
  • All calls are recorded and available to listen to.
  • Our clients listen to and score 2 “Mystery Shop” calls per week.
  • We also listen to and score calls for every telemarketer and every campaign. Sharing findings with our client, in pursuit of the fine tuning necessary for continual growth.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports shared with clients mapping are areas of the campaign activity, including:
    • Call vs Appointment conversion by area, industry type, size of company etc
    • Hours completed to date
    • Appointments details and outcomes

Our shared risk/success philosophy assures a marketing return on Investment, with far more certainty than other marketing activity. A modest day rate and cost per successfully qualified appointment shows the confidence we have in our ability to deliver on every campaign.
Our clients love the way we enhance their organisation’s effectiveness – and ultimately, their trading profit. That’s why more than 80% of new clients come to us by referral (In House survey 2016).
We know that you need to trust the telemarketing company you partner with completely. That’s why we customise our services to support your needs. We go above and beyond the call of duty to exceed your expectations, every step of the way.

  • Reporting, support, campaign management and metrics are entirely client centric, if you need bespoke reporting we’ll deliver it in to your inbox, whenever it is required.
  • We create benchmarks and campaign objectives to the very last dial and the very last minute of each day. We share them with you so you’re always in control.

Our work is completely transparent, fantastically responsive and aside from a brief introduction, totally unscripted because we take the time to learn about you, your company, your industry and your competitors.

Every campaign we undertake involves research of our client, their services and products, their competitors and their target market/clients and this is briefed in to the team and included in 121’s and team briefs.
Training is delivered over a 2 week period, with mini tests after each session. We ensure that the telemarketing team know your products/services, your company ethics, background and future targets and direction in exactly the same way they would if they were an in-house member of your team. The training prior to campaign commencement is imperative to the success of the campaign which is why we follow a rigorous yet standard process to all campaigns. We produce a standard set of campaign documents including Intro Script, Features & Benefits and Qualifying Criteria documents and signed off by our client. This is simple to get right, as we work alongside the experts…you. We also encourage a representative from your team to engage with “your” DSC team in a Question & Answers session before campaign commencement.

Once full training has been completed and the team have passed the final test at a score of 85%+ we will send you a selection of ‘role play’ calls for you to listen to and provide feedback on the scripts/ approach used. Only once you are 100% happy to go ahead will the campaign commence.
We provide ongoing training and development throughout the campaign; on a weekly basis we will provide a random selection of calls for you to listen to provide continuous feedback throughout the campaign. We also complete our own in house mystery shops to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

We use one-to-one feedback sessions and weekly team briefs to fine-tune individual and team performances so your feedback is essential to the success of your campaign. Our bespoke technology provides team leaders with complete performance analysis, enabling them to spend more time coaching and recognising success and addressing challenges to maximise productivity and sales conversion. An ongoing performance management plan ensures that “your” team are consistently hitting targets and striving to deliver an ever increasing Return On Investment for you. We set high benchmarks, SMART KPI goals, non-invasive metrics and deliver constant coaching and recognition to our team to ensure they always know what their targets are and how to achieve them.

Regular communication is essential to the success of any outsourced telemarketing activity. This is so important, our Terms and Conditions states the need for regular feedback from all of our clients. We also confirm the Management Information we will provide to you on a daily and weekly basis.
We ask that every client listens to a small selection of calls per week providing feedback to fine tune the approach to deliver the maximum Return on Investment possible.
We book in a weekly catch up meeting to discuss the successes achieved and challenges faced/to be faced and agree on the action necessary for continued/increased success. This is also an opportune time to discuss the sales appointments from the previous week, to ensure more of the same or changes to be implemented where necessary.
Our investment in to some of the latest industry technology ensures we can easily analyse call/performance stats e.g. How many calls made per day, How long the agents are talking for, Calls vs Appointment conversion. We will also monitor and measure your prospect lists, breaking down call activity to show best results by the size, industry and geographics of your target market etc.
Our shared success approach distinguishes us from many of our competitors. It’s simple, if it’s not working for you, it’s not working for us and visa versa.